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Betsey Dexter Dyer


Betsey Dexter Dyer is Professor of Biology at Wheaton College (Norton, MA) where her courses include Genetics. She earned her PhD at Boston University in the laboratory of Lynn Margulis. Her interests include microbial evolution and symbiosis as well as DNA sequence analysis. Since 1998 she has collaborated with Mark LeBlanc (Wheaton College Computer Science) in developing and implementing pedagogies for presenting genomics to interdisciplinary classes of undergraduates. Their work resulted in a book Perl for Exploring DNA (LeBlanc and Dyer, Oxford University Press 2007). LeBlanc and Dyer also have considerable experience in co-presenting workshops and panels to other educators interested in adding genomics to their curricula. Dyer is also the author of A Field Guide to Bacteria (Cornell Press 2003).